philips réaura
product code: 200007912
Discover the benefits of professional laser treatments at home and reveal radiant new skin in just 8 weeks with this revolutionary anti-ageing programme.

Developed with the makers of Fraxel® laser technology, Philips RéAura boosts the skin's own collagen production. The device stimulates the natural cell renewal process, targeting several different signs of ageing simultaneously. Fine lines, age and sun spots are reduced while skin tone, texture and radiance are restored, noticeably improving in your skin's appearance.
After 12 weeks of home use, 64 participants experienced the following visible results:
  • 81% reduction in fine lines
  • 83% more even skin tone
  • 86% smoother skin texture

To help you achieve radiant results with confidence, Philips RéAura combines your treatments with a skin assessment, a personal online treatment guide and exclusive access to a dedicated team of skincare professionals.

Step 1: Apply the laser performance gel To provide optimal skin contact and to enable the device to slide evenly over the skin, it's necessary to apply a layer of the laser performance gel to all areas that are to be treated.

Step 2: Apply the laser skin rejuvenation device Smooth the easy-to-hold device evenly and slowly over the area to be treated. Follow the instructions on the enclosed CD for more help.

Step 3: Apply laser aftercare complex The aftercare complex hydrates the skin during the cell renewal process while chamomile, St. John's Wort and edelweiss extracts, known for their anti-inflammatory properties, calm and sooth the treated areas.

Product information

During the treatment, thousands of microscopic laser beams pass down the epidermis and the dermis, triggering a natural process of cell renewal. Old and damaged skin cells are replaced with new, fresh skin cells containing more collagen. Repeated treatments boost the collagen network, making it denser, resulting in a smoother skin texture and the reduction of fine lines. At the same time, pigmented skin cells are pushed to the top layer of your skin to be exfoliated away, delivering a more even tone.

Visible results,
confirmed by dermatologists*
89% of women
experienced an overall
improvement in skin's appearance.
Before you buy RéAura, please take the time to answer a few questions and complete a simple online skin consultation to assess your skin type and define your treatment goals.

Alternatively, please contact the Space NK Customer Services Team on
+44 (0) 208 740 2085 for more information
or a skin consultation over the phone.
Please note: RéAura is currently only available to customers in the UK and Ireland.
*After 12 weeks of home use by 64 women during Philips own official trial. Based on analysis of before and after pictures by dermatologists
The efficacy of Fraxel® teamed with the consumer safety of Philips ensures that you can safely enjoy this revolutionary device that targets several different signs of ageing: fine lines, texture, skin tone and radiance.
Treat yourself to professional laser treatments, in the comfort of your own home. Use before bedtime and wake up to better looking skin.
After reading a review in Harpers Bazaar, I decided to purchase this 'at-home treatment laser' - not a small capital outlay, to be fair. I have a plethora of problems, none of them too great, thankfully. But fine lines, some enlarged pores and uneven skin tone, nonetheless. You have to apply a gel to the area you're treating first, then move the laser over your skin, then finish off with an anti-inflammatory moisturiser. And you should do this twice a week for a period of eight weeks. In the beginning, it seemed like a bit of a chore, but when I started to notice results after 2 or 3 treatments, I couldn't wait to perform the next treatment to see the results. After the full 8 weeks, I was more than thrilled to see a huge improvement in the texture of my skin - it looked and felt so much smoother. The fine lines around my eyes were reduced and my skin tone was more even. I started to get some compliments from friends and work colleagues who asked me what I was doing differently. After the compliments, I feel a whole lot more confident, and I now I wear less make up than before which helps me look even younger. When I factor in what a professional salon would have charged me to get similar results, I've decided that my Philips ReAura is one of the best value-for-money purchases I've ever made.