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Luminous Skin Colour


Exclusive to Space NK

A combination tinted moisturiser and sheer foundation, Luminous Skin Colour visibly improves the complexion, yet looks incredibly natural on the skin while offering skincare, makeup, and sun protection in one ingenious product.

Contains anti-oxidant vitamins, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients with a broad spectrum SPF 25+.

50 ml


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Luminous Skin Colour


71 5 of 7 | UK200010449 : UK200010450
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Becca Luminous Skin Colour I have used this product for years so was really frustrated when I was no longer able to buy it in the UK. I am pleased Space NK now sell it as its a great product. It's light and feels like you have no make up on but also has as SPF which is a real bonus. I've also used it when I have gone skiing as my sun cream factor 50 makes my face look white so I put a layer of Becca LSC over the top and my skin looks natural and its protected. For thicker coverage you can apply more. I once tried the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser but didn't rate it that much and then when I came across this product I was so pleased and I have never changed to a different product as Ive never found another one as good. 17 March 2014
Best Tinted Moisturiser Though I also like Laura Mercier's and By Terry's versions, this has for some years been my favourite tinted moisturiser - excellent feel, look, and ease of use in all respects. So glad I can get it again. BUT, like others, I do wish Space NK sold a wider range of Becca products, and also that they were available in more stores. It's great to be able to get old favourites - I was aghast when Becca stopped selling in the UK. But it's great as well to be able to try out and 'play with' new products and colours. Thanks for the explanation that the Olive shade - which, in summer, I also used - has disappeared. At the moment, Nude is fine for me. The other product I most miss is the excellent cream cheek colour. Has this been discontinued too or do you just not stock it? Also, do you have plans to stock a wider range of Becca products, including any special editions and palettes? 05 November 2013
Sublime looking skin! I tried this formula on the strength of the prior reviews and was not dissapointed. It is now my daily go to moisture and foundation in one (I may add a serum or extra moisture underneath if needed). It provides light coverage that it is buildable to a meduim density. As it says on the bottle, this gives a truly luminous finish to the skin, looks like I have 'naturally' great skin in good condition (ahem!!). The spf makes this a staple for summer or travel to warmer climes and yet the luminosity is great for adding life to the face during the northern hemisphere winters - beware flash photos with the spf. Lovely product. 30 November 2013
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Luminous Skin Colour

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